About this research:
The Daniel Calendar Matrix correlates ancient and modern secular history to the 430 year old Gregorian calendar and to Genesis, the first book of Moses in the Hebrew Torah, with its precisely documented record of births and deaths from Adam to Joseph.

The Matrix provides a compelling body of evidence that the dates of the births and deaths, as recorded by Moses, were each predetermined by God with a divine, supernatural purpose.

The correlations revealed by the Matrix explain why the birth and death records of twenty-three Hebrew Patriarchs were preserved with such exacting detail. The Matrix also reveals why those 23 generations occurred over 2,309 exact and contiguous years. —from Adam and the 6th day of creation, to Wednesday, January 14, 1743 BC; the death of Joseph in Egypt.

This research depicts the remarkable discovery of how our secular world history, and our increased "scientific" knowledge, is supernaturally validating the "word of God" within the ancient records contained in Genesis. The research also reveals how and why the written messages of Moses and Daniel were preserved for us for over 3500 years.

DANIEL CALENDAR MATRIX— COPYRIGHT 2010 Allen C. Stroud—all rights reserved

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The Daniel Calendar Matrix
The Hebrew TORAH
The Hebrew and Julian (JD) Calendars
The Gregorian Calendar, and the Master Clock
The Daniel Calendar And The Genesis Genealogy
Twenty-Three Generations from Adam to Joseph
The Historical Time Lines of the "24" Patriarchs
The Mayan Calendar
The Supernatural
Alexander Seeks World Rule

Seven Thousand Years From The Sixth Day
Characters and Events Making History
January 17, 2026 BC was 2,026 Years After Adam
Historical / Mathematical Synopsis
Pythagoras: Numbers Were Transcendent Entities
Four Calendars
Spiritual Footprints
The Reliability of the TORAH
The Death Of Joseph
Joseph’s Bones Waited 211 years
Revelation To John (Chapters 11 & 12)
From Exodus to Messiah
Joseph Was Held In High Esteem In Egypt
Ten Prophetic Time Periods
The Empires Of Daniel’s Prophecies
Genesis 50:26 — Connecting Us To The Future
The Covenant Bloodline Confirmed

Mathematical Anomalies Of The Torah
Chance? - Or Impeccable Design?
Ishmael, Isaac and Islam
The Master Schedule
Thirteen Hundred Thirty-Five
Daniel Chapter Twelve
The Matrix, Gregorian & JD Calendars Compared

Historical and Spiritual Premises of Scriptures
History is Proving God’s Authorship

CHAPTER FOUR (continued)
Recurring Patterns of Numbers in Genesis
The Human Genome Project & Biblical Prophecy
The Universe is Earth’s Master Clock
Attempting to Locate Adam In History
Five Noted Historians
The Wrong Premise: The Wrong Time
Verification of Mathematical Integrity
Prophecy & Prophets
Calendars Connect us to History

2309 - The Contiguous Years
The Twelve Tribes of Israel
Revelation 10:10
The Birth of Daniel the Prophet
The United States of America in Prophecy
America’s Position in History
Chronology and Methodology
Daniel’s Very Old Cryptic Numbers
Daniel’s Days and God’s Years
Daniel’s Life, Time line and Numbers
A Leap of Faith in History

Genesis Synchronized to Modern History
A New Empire Arises
America’s Search For Spiritual Truth

2,309 Years —The Genealogy of Genesis
Calendars Merge (2026 AA-2026 BC)
Enoch Points to The Gregorian Calendar
The End of Days, or Time of The End
Muhammad's Birth - The Rise of Islam
The Kingdom Of God On Earth
The False Prophet, The Antichrist and 666
The Islamic Faith
The Awesome Power Of The Law
Man’s Law - Who can come against it?
Who Was Moses? When Was Moses?
The United (Sovereign) States of America
We Lost Our Way in The Dark (Ages)
Where are Ephraim and Manas’seh?
A Lost History Discovered


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The Daniel Calendar Matrix - Daniel In Babylon