1257 CE • 2017 CE • 2024 CE

Three Total Solar Eclipses

June 13, 1257 CE This eclipse has significant date correlations to dates and events in the Torah and the Genesis genealogy; including This Eclipse was 519 years before year 1776

August 21, 2017 CE Significant date correlations to important events in the Genesis genealogy: 241 years before year 1776; 760 years before the 1257 CE Eclipse; 2550 years after the Prophet Daniel wrote (in Babylon) his stellar prophecies in the 3rd year of King CYRUS.

April 8, 2024 CE The date of this "FUTURE" Eclipse WILL carry significant date correlations to events in the Hebrew Torah; verified by the Genesis genealogy; including, Moses' death, King Cyrus' 1st and 3rd years of reign & the prophet Daniel's final stellar Prophecy, written in Babylon, when Daniel was age 89, in the 3rd year of Cyrus' Reign; when Cyrus allowed the Hebrews in Babylon to return to their homeland.

The 2024 Eclipse will ccurr 2560 years after King CYRUS came to power in 536 BC. Moses died 2560 years after Adam.This eclipse will occur 760 years after the 1257 CE Eclipse.

Why a Limited Edition of 603,550imembers?

603,550 was the exact number of Israel's Warriors counted by Moses before his death in 1492 BC. (2,560 years after Adam); and was the number of Warriors ordained by God for Joshua and King David to defeat Israel's enemies and enter the Promised Land.

Numbers 1:46

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The Daniel Calendar Matrix Book, and National "Prayer Warrior Movement" exists in America today only because of these three Total Solar Eclipses, and United States President Donald J. Trump.

( August 21, 2017 thru April 8, 2024 )

The research introduces The Daniel Calendar Matrix; a 6,076 year chronology of Biblical history since Adam. The eBook is digitally searchable and precisely correlated to the Genesis Genealogy and the modern Gregorian Calandar from 4052 BC to 2024 AD.

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Reuben::46,500 Simeon::59,300 Gad::45,650

Judah::74,600 Issachar::54,400 Zebulun::57,400

Ephraim::40,500 Manasseh::32,200 Benjamin::35,400

Dan::62,700 Asher::41,500 Naphtali::53,400