1257 CE • 2017 CE • 2024 CE

Three Total Solar Eclipses over America; two have past, one is coming soon. According to modern astronomical science, we already know when and where the 2024 Eclipse Shadow will appear; and exactly how long its shadow will remain on earth.

In Ancient Biblical Days, a Total Solar Eclipse was described in the Bible as having meaning and a message; sometimes marking important, or "negative", historic events. No one knows America's future, and no one knows what 2024 will bring.

If you are a Christian believer, you understand you are gifted with insight and discernment. God's Holy Spirit will guide and direct you in understanding the world, and the events we are experiencing.

If this describes who you are, you are invited to register with me as a Prayer Warrior in this Seven Year national campaign.

( August 21, 2017 thru April 13, 2024 )

Allen C. Stroud

Add your voice, and prayers, to make America GREAT again. — And make America GODLY again.
JOIN The Greatest "Christian" Revival in History; and become one of 603,550 "End Time" Prayer Warriors.

Allen C. Stroud is the author of The Daniel Calendar Matrix and Founder of the UNITED&IGNITED Peace In America Revival.

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Please contact Allen C. Stroud at email: astroud@domain-of-the-lord.com to learn how your Church and Pastor can participate in this revival. Request information about UNITED&IGNITED PEACE IN AMERICA partner program.



This was the exact number of Israel's Warriors counted by Moses before his death in 1492 BC. (2,560 years after Adam). It was the number of Warriors ordained by God for Joshua and King David to defeat Israel's enemies; and obtain their Promised Land. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Numbers 1:46

Why a Limited Edition of
Reuben: 46,500 Simeon: 59,300 Gad: 45,650
Ephraim: 40,500 Manasseh: 32,200 Benjamin: 35,400
Dan: 62,700 Asher: 41,500 Naphtali: 53,400
Judah: 74,600 Issachar: 54,400 Jebulun: 57,400