1257 CE • 2017 CE • 2024 CE

3 Total Solar Eclipses: Each completely engulfing Shawnee National Forest, Illinois, U.S.A. Two have passed, with a third due to arrive in 2024.

According to astronomical science, we know when and where the 2024 Eclipse Shadow will appear and exactly how long its shadow will remain on earth.

In Ancient Biblical Days, a Total Solar Eclipse was described in the Bible as having meaning and a message; marking important, or "negative", historic events. No one knows America's future, and no one knows for certain what 2024 will bring; but the Matrix reveals 2017 thru 2024 will be a significant 7 year period, leaving us to consider that God has chosen this time period to intervene in man's behalf; to wake us from our slumber, and to prepare Christians throughout the world for the return of Jesus Christ.

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Why a Limited Edition of 603,550imembers?

603,550 was the exact number of Israel's Warriors counted by Moses before his death in 1492 BC. (2,560 years after Adam); and was the number of Warriors ordained by God for Joshua and King David to defeat Israel's enemies and enter the Promised Land.

Numbers 1:46

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PRAYER WARRIOR Certificates ordered before Dec. 25, 2020 will include a FREE Digital copy of Allen C. Stroud's groundbreaking research work, Daniel In Babylon, "Daniel's Days and God's Years".

The research introduces The Daniel Calendar Matrix; a 6,076 year chronology of Biblical history since Adam. The eBook is digitally searchable and precisely correlated to our modern Gregorian Calandar from 4052 BC to 2024 AD.

Reuben::46,500 Simeon::59,300 Gad::45,650

Judah::74,600 Issachar::54,400 Zebulun::57,400

Ephraim::40,500 Manasseh::32,200 Benjamin::35,400

Dan::62,700 Asher::41,500 Naphtali::53,400